Friday, March 3, 2017

And why it matters. Really matters.

So loads of feedback from my post yesterday.  A mixed bag of mainly 'go you' with the occasional 'WTF?'.  I'll take that to be fair.  

So why does it matter?  Why do we need to answer the exam question?

Q1.  What does the UK need to do to create Tech giants?

I'm not going to answer that today.  I'm going to focus on why we need to do it.

There are 4 key Groups disadvantaged by the lack of homegrown UK Tech Giants.  4 key Groups disadvantaged hence clearly (massively) advantaged if we change the way we do things.

1.  The UK Population, present and future
2.  HMRC, the UK body responsible for tax policy and collection
3.  Investors from 'Crowdcubers' to Angels to UK based VCs
4.  UK Start Ups - the ones who are aiming for a shot at the title, the chance to become Rocky Balboa and become that Giant which writes it's own place in history and is remembered forever

In terms of expanding why.

For the UK Population, it's obvious.  A chance to learn new skills, do new things, be motivated, change history and obtain a better and more sustainable career.

For HMRC, it's obvious.  A chance to collect fair taxation revenue which can be re-invested in public services or training.  Not war though, please.  NB.  We're talking of hundreds of millions in revenue here.  Every single year.  

For Investors, it's obvious.  The chance to invest more, learn more and make BIGGER profits.  Bigger profits means more appetite for risk.  More appetite for risk means more focus on blockchain and clean energy.

For UK Start Ups, it's obvious.  They get the support network and the cash they need to take a shot at the title.  To become Rocky.  To be great.

So 4 things which are obvious.

Why the f*ck aren't we doing anything about it?

Seriously.  Cars speed near schools.  that's dangerous.  We fix it by putting in speed bumps.

We can fix other things.  Why not this?  Are we really just prepared to sit back and do nothing?

If any Northern City in the UK wants to give me a large building, £3m and two years, I'll give you one (possibly three) Tech giants bringing tens of millions in external investment and thousands of 'new economy' jobs.

Game on.  No fear.

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